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btu btu
btu (steam table) btu (steam table)
btu (mean) btu (mean)
btu (@60 deg F) btu (@60 deg F)
cal gram cal gram
cal gram (steam tables) cal gram (steam tables)
cal gram (mean) cal gram (mean)
cal gram (@20 deg C) cal gram (@20 deg C)
ergs ergs
foot-poundals foot-poundals
foot-pound force foot-pound force
gram-force cm gram-force cm
hp-hours hp-hours
joules joules
joules (international) joules (international)
kg-cal kg-cal
kg-force meters kg-force meters
kw-hours kw-hours
kw-hours (international) kw-hours (international)
liter-atm liter-atm
therm therm
watt-sec watt-sec
watt-sec (international) watt-sec (international)
watt-hrs watt-hrs

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